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This is an awesome little update! I love the character customization!

This is probably one of my favorite indie games Ive played


Backwards petaling is the future. It's way faster than petaling forwards.

I very much enjoyed the game. It gave me about an hour of enjoyment so far, and I will definitely continue playing it. So far I've recorded 5 or 6 episodes (I think...) of Bikrash, and at the moment it's probably one of my favorite games to record.

Very much looking forward to any updates, though I'm not sure if it needs any more updates as it does feel complete, however any updates I would be interested to see.

Though unlikely, few idea's for updates;

- Time Trails

Self explanatory

- Multiplayer

Maybe not over the internet, but 2 people on the same computer.

- Ghost racing

Racing against yourself, every time you restart there's your previous cycle route, after 5 or 10 races it would turn to hell.

I do enjoy that there is a finish line update. I ended up getting more excited than I probably should have that I reached the finished line.

Thanks for creating the game, if I had any form of income I would happily donate to you.

Many thanks,

Dan Shanahan

Good game

Best game ever!


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Not sure how to like get in the game

you need a winrar

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How do you play the game

I love this game it is so fun


i downloaded it how do i play it

This game is real cool and fun to play!! I love how everyone goes flying when hit haha and the kicking is a great feature !!

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first time playing this and it was fun

hes right how u start



is the game free


i cant play


how to downlode


you stupid

how to play

what the heck

its not working


Can you add multiplayer? That would be fun!

how do you even play?

you move with your wasd keys or arrow keys and you kick with your mouse buttons

and it tells you the controls CANT YOU READ


Thank you for game. It was fun!


How do i download


anyone plz


guys how do you play the game plz tell me soon




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This game is hilarious! I enjoyed every second of it!
Funniest game I played in a while, for which I thank you!

My let's play video


It was really fun :)

Vance Legstrong's wanderings take him to the East.

Deleted post

So, this happened...

Great game! I can't stop playing it!

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THIS GAME is really fun and something different, I thank you for the great experience ! MORE LEVELS please ! ANYBODY seeing this comment, PLAY THE GAME !


Beta 3 is awesome!

Love the new updates, especially the little "road patterns" and the double kick! Keep up the great work :)

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