A downloadable game for Windows

You are a pro road racer. Overtake the other raiders and toward the finish line!

2016-10-24 UPDATED Bikrash v0.2

  • Add Jump Action
  • Add A Holey Road
  • Add Pause Menu (You can setting sound volumes)
  • Change Camera Position
Developer's twitter here
Thanks for playing and making a video!

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Published20 days ago
StatusIn development
Tagsbike, Racing, road
Player countSingleplayer


Bikrash_0.2.zip (13 MB)


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This game was awesome and extremely funny. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zayVVXNqbAc

Bikrash: First Impressions & Gameplay

What does 'F' do? It makes a noise but doesn't do anything

will it be availible for mac

Awesome hilarious game, simple yet fun lol.


Great short game! Absolutely worth a couple of minutes of your life!

Stay Rad Everyboby and have a great weekend you all!


Loved the game and gave it a quick review on our site!

brilliant game thanks you very much

enjoy the gameplay :)

Had so much fun with this game :D

Please add a 38bits windows version.

  • 7tghyugyu

  • 7tghyugyu

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Too much fun.

Made a video on it!


This game was super crazy!

I felt like I was using the force out of my feet lmao!


  1. lol

this hame is soper lol its good game





This game gave me some good kicks! HA! Ok I'll see myself out but first here's some footage of the kicks I got! :D

I like kicking road racers XD


nice game its like this game!


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