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I can't seem to find the actual game.


Tour de France simulator 2017.

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I had waaaay too much fun playing this game.

I made a game-play of this, hope that's okay.

(-1) Have fun :D

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Hilarious game, super fun and funny. It would be cool if you could add a level aspect but overall great game. You can check out some gameplay but definitely go play it yourself for some laughs!


Amazing Game! Simple yet so satisfying! I would recommend a scoreboard of some sort but other than that I had a great time playing this!

Check out my channel (MastaCGaming) for similar videos <3

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Lol man, i loved this game, i hope u develope this more and more and add some features like:

  • 1st person
  • Clock counter
  • Time Attack
  • Leaderboard (to play against friends)

Here it is a video i made for my channel and to share yout work!

Youtube Gameplay

how do you play


lol I really enjoyed this man, made a gamplay video on this, you welcome to check it out, keep up the good work man


I recorded a video on it! check it out here!


Very unique, time consuming, addicting, and frustrating!


It Looks Cool please tell me if it is


Love this game!


The game is very fun! and funny heh, I have a little suggestion, Remove the invisible walls! its no fun when you are flying trough the sky like a plane and then being stopped by one of the invisible walls, i understand its made for people to not jump outside of the map...If that is even the reason its there, if it is, you can make them fall off their bike if they are on it when they go outside the track while they are on it, Im mostly making this suggestion just to be able to have some more funny crashes, and if they were also made to avoid falling off the map, dont worry about it,it isnt really a problem if you are already off your bike



once i played it. I drived out ot fence, but i didn't response quickly, so i dropped in to the void.


Watch it




Had so much fun (and frustration haha) playing this game! Would love levels and a more variety of obstacles. Multiplayer & maybe a short and humorous storyline? Anyway, keep up the awesome work!


This game is really fun. Keep up the good work!


this is so cool but new updates like levels or som ething like that would be so much fun!


This game was so much fun! It became even better when I realized you could kick your opponents. I absolutely loved it. i made a video, although it's before the update

please add first person view!

I want to add local multiplayer or multiplayer with friends!

Multiplayer would be a great idea!

I would agree.

Possibly the best indie game ive ever played, such a funny experience and game. i'm gonna upload it to my youtube channel: Muggy McGee, so check that out and great game! :D :D



This is an awesome little update! I love the character customization!

This is probably one of my favorite indie games Ive played


Backwards petaling is the future. It's way faster than petaling forwards.

I very much enjoyed the game. It gave me about an hour of enjoyment so far, and I will definitely continue playing it. So far I've recorded 5 or 6 episodes (I think...) of Bikrash, and at the moment it's probably one of my favorite games to record.

Very much looking forward to any updates, though I'm not sure if it needs any more updates as it does feel complete, however any updates I would be interested to see.

Though unlikely, few idea's for updates;

- Time Trails

Self explanatory

- Multiplayer

Maybe not over the internet, but 2 people on the same computer.

- Ghost racing

Racing against yourself, every time you restart there's your previous cycle route, after 5 or 10 races it would turn to hell.

I do enjoy that there is a finish line update. I ended up getting more excited than I probably should have that I reached the finished line.

Thanks for creating the game, if I had any form of income I would happily donate to you.

Many thanks,

Dan Shanahan

Good game

Best game ever!


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Not sure how to like get in the game

you need a winrar

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How do you play the game

I love this game it is so fun


i downloaded it how do i play it

This game is real cool and fun to play!! I love how everyone goes flying when hit haha and the kicking is a great feature !!

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